Continuum winery with the Backtype guys. Met the Mondavi family, drank great wine, enjoyed gorgeous views


Kate and I joined the guys up to Napa today to visit Continuum Winery, which was started by Tim Mondavi, Robert Mondavi’s son.

It was incredible. We drank amazing wine, ate great food, and played with cute puppies.

But best of all, we were taken care of by the Mondavi family. Tim was incredible, nicest guy in the world. He went out of his way to get Kate a glass of wine when he saw her empty handed. Kate and I cracked up when he violently threw his white wine into the grass, calling it undrinkable :).

Carissa, Tim’s daughter, gave us a great tour of the property, which included fabulous views of the entire valley. Continuum is on quite a bit north east of where Kate and I usually taste. We were up on Pritchard Hill, where the land is steep. This means lower yields, but incredible wine.

Thanks to Backtype, the Mondavi family, and all our gracious hosts. It’s not often you get taken care of so well, and especially by legends in the wine business.


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