Crush 2010, Napa, CA

Kate and I went to Napa a few weeks ago for crush. We hit Goosecross, Baldacci, Pine RIdge, Steltzner, and Cliff Lede.

Of the ones we hadn’t been to before, Cliff Lede was our favorite. A bit pricey, but the wine and service were both great.

We got to see some wine making, and even get tastes from a barrel!



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  2. Cliff Lede’s former name was S. Anderson; about a decade ago I was out there for work and took a long weekend at a B&B up the hill from there and fell in love with their wines and actually got on their wine list. I especially got a kick out of their champagne cave. Still got a bunch of S. Anderson champagnes dating back to the mid to late 90’s that are still aging well.

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