Posterous is featured in the SF Chronicle today. Pick up a copy, it’s in print!

Posterous was inspired by making blogging more accessible – and what’s more accessible than e-mail? Send an e-mail to Posterous, with a post and photos and videos attached, and Posterous handles the rest.

“We’re seeing a shift from full blogging. Now it’s about rich media and being mobile,” Agarwal said. “That’s why we focused on e-mail to post to Posterous. E-mail is on every device out there.”



  1. Is there a list anywhere of features that are coming to Posterous or in development or beta? I’m beginning to get tripped up a bit by the things Posterous CAN’T do (widgets, page layout, contact info in profile, etc.) and need to know what’s planned and if I should wait around… I’m sure I’m not alone here.

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