I got a copy of Wired, February 1996. Steve Jobs is on the cover

I have a huge stack of magazines with Steve Jobs on the cover but this is probably the oldest. I picked it up on eBay for just $8! It will be a great addition to my Apple museum.

Read the interview here.



  1. if you have liked apple so much, and obviously you do now too, you shouldnt have left apple!! this blog most of the times (other times its pretty interesting) is more about Apple praising than anything, agreed Apple is no doubt the BEST and i personally wanted Apple and Jobs to topple MS and Bill Gates but frankly 80% of your blog is about Apple than anything else, I for one visit your blog to read more about posterous, your experiences as CEO, your views on technology and many more interesting things that you do discuss.ciao.

  2. @cahobs I agree, the past few months has been mostly apple fanaticism. But, he does love apple and it <b>is</b> his blog so he can write about anything he wants.

  3. this has always been my personal blog, not my Posterous CEO blog. I started Posterous because I have always had a personal blog and I didn’t think the other solutions cut it.If you don’t like what i post, please unsubscribe.Thanks, Redwan!

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