Pre wedding photos at Stanford

Our wedding photographer took a set of photos of us Stanford last month. They came out great!


All photos above are couresy Lucie XYZ photography.

Also, we got our wedding rings a couple weeks ago. I wanted to get a Celtic design on mine. I fell in love with this braided pattern. I LOVE IT.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I esp love the first and the one but last ones. Love the ring too šŸ™‚ God bless u both!!!

  2. That braided pattern is similar to the same pattern found among ethnics in Indonesia. Put Indonesia in your next vacation trip.

  3. Wedding rings are highly symbolic pieces of jewelery, and it is likely you will want to wear your ring all the time, and for many years, so it is important to select the style and design of the ring very carefully. Yellow gold is the most traditional metal for wedding rings, and remember that the carat designates the purity of the gold.<a href="">Wedding Rings</a>

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