Even when my iPhone is busted, Apple finds a way to bring me joy

My iPhone stopped functioning as a phone on Saturday. I could use the device on WiFi but couldn’t make or receive calls, texts, or 3G data. I’d like to blame AT&T for this, but it was definitely an iPhone issue.

Being without a phone is painful. I’m definitely over dependent on mine. I feel lost without it.

Getting my iPhone replaced couldn’t have been easier or more pleasant.

  • I went to the Apple Retail website and made an appointment to see a Genius. I hate the inefficiencies of standing in line (as I blogged about here). So this makes a lot of sense to me. 
  • I arrived at my scheduled time and walking up the stairs, I saw my name on the screen above the Genius bar as “next customer for iPhone.” I got a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. 
  • The Genius attendant greeted me by name and noted down my issue. Incredible. 
  • I waited just a few minutes before a Genius could help me with my issue. He ran some diagnostics, and then promptly said he would replace my phone. Wow. 
  • One of the great features of the iPhone is when you sync, it backs up the entire phone. So I was able to restore that backup to my new iPhone in just a couple clicks. It restored not just my contacts and email, but also my SMS history, my apps, all my data within those apps, even which web pages I had open in Safari. It restored my life.

Before phones got smart, losing a phone or replacing a phone meant you lost all your contacts. I still remember people on Facebook asking, “I replaced my phone. Please send me your number.” But the iPhone went further than just restoring contacts. They made it completely painless to get your life back in order when you replace your phone.

One thing on my phone that I love having: the entire SMS history between me and Kate from our first date until today.


What other gems are hidden in SMS history? When I first saw Kate on the night we met, I messaged my friend Roy because I needed a wing man. We still have the proof.

This is why Apple isn’t just a company that makes products I use, but a company that powers my digital life and memories. Apple brings me joy.


  1. strange, i also have the entire text history from the night i met my GF (also named kate) in my SMS history. still trying to find a way to print it all.and to your point, yes, the syncing & backup is really really great. I can’t wait for it to auto-sync with the cloud. Devices should & will be more disposable when your information is really somewhere else.

  2. I’m tempted by HTC Evo but partly because of the reason you stated, I would keep my iPhone as the primary source even though I may get a second phone

  3. Last year my phone was stolen, went and bought a new one and within 30 minutes (time it took to restore from backup) my new phone was completely restored with everything that I had setup from the old one. Perfect user experience….minus the jackass who stole my phone.

  4. @Cole Try PhoneView, it’ll allow you to browse and print/save things like SMS messages, the Call Log, Web History, Voice Memos and other things that are not readily accessible. I got it as part of a MacHeist bundle a while back and it’s a fantastic app.

  5. Next week I will be leaving the iPhone platform behind for Android because I found the service model to be very restrictive and I found myself making compromises when using the device.1) With my Treo I could backup the phone and restore it without a computer, I could do it from a memory card. I never needed to do this, but to test a backup I did it anyway, it worked like a charm.2) When I had cell phone issues in the past I could go to any store for service, with the iPhone I had to go to an Apple Store, at a mall, I hate the mall. 15 minutes to find parking, 5 minutes to walk to the store, an hour in line. I made an appointment for the next day, but when you depend on your phone for your job waiting for the next day is not the best option. I had a backup phone (The Treo) but getting my primary fixed was important.3) I ran into battery issues all the time. I did not have an option to swap or upgrade the battery. This means I was charging the thing more than I wanted.4) I refused to buy a Mac so I could write an App for the phone.5) The calendar is horrible and the lack of Todo list was major.All of that said, to me it was the best phone on the market when I got it. I still think it is a damn good phone, but I think the EVO and the direction of Android is the future.

  6. I agree Sachin, and have had a similar experience without even having to make an appointment. The WiFi didn’t work in my original iPhone. Walked in to the Apple Store, and just nicely asked about it. I was led over to the Genius who ran diagnostics on it and determined that it was a hardware issue. He handed me a new phone and I walked out completely happy.

  7. I had a very similar, satisfying experience. The only thing out of sorts with my phone was the ringer was too soft, I couldn’t hear it. The warranty was due to expire in hours.

  8. You are definitely not alone in your experiences with Apple. When my daughter Christen was very young perhaps 3 or 4 [she is 27 today nineteenowls.com ] I used her to demonstrate Mac to my staff. She would turn on the The 512 insert her disk, open her file in Mac Paint, manipulate the image then save it and shutdown. Hahahaha

  9. Compare this to what happens to an HTC Hero when you simply upgrade it to Android 2.1 (via @gruber):Text and picture messages will be deleted with this software update. You can back up text and picture messages by forwarding them to an email address. Applications will be deleted with this software update. You will need to re-download the desired applications from the Market after this update completes.

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