I’m not just a product designer, I’m an experience designer

A good designer is a very opinionated person. They are stubborn. They pay attention to details. They work tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect. Something an average person would never even notice, drives a great designer nuts. And great designers don’t just care about the applications and websites they are building, but demand great design in everything they do.

Steve Jobs doesn’t put down his perfectly designed iPad, and drive off in a Ford Pinto.

I’m not a visual designer, but I do care a lot about experience. This is why my first computer was a Mac back in 1992, my first car was an Audi in 1999, and my first credit card was an American Express. Even in the late 90’s when Mac OS was pretty terrible, I stuck with Apple because the overall experience was better.

And that’s what Posterous is about. I don’t work on the visual design of Posterous, but I care a great deal about the experience of the product. Kate can attest to how picky I am. Right now we’re wedding planning, and I’m a groomzilla. I demand the best from everything and everyone.

And that brings us to what brought about this blog post. Since our new offices are in the Mission, we’ve been eating at taquerias a lot more. I hate to say it, but boy the experience really stinks.

At Pancho Villa, an assembly line of workers yells at you makes your burrito as fast as possible. You just hope the right food comes out. And it isn’t even that good. (I prefer Taqueria Cancun).

Compare that to Chipotle, which has nailed the experience of ordering a burrito. They have simple, legible menus, friendly staff, and consistency.

I don’t want to get into a taqueria vs Chipotle battle here. I know they are different beasts.

But I guess I was spoiled by restaurants in the East Village. In New York City, cheap food doesn’t mean a cheap experience.


  1. Sachin, I can say, as a posterous user, and a posterous recommender, we appreciate your experience design. While I do not always appreciate your Apple-ness, I know you are working to make posterous awesome.

  2. Well first congrats on getting married, second i really loved the concept of posterous and i signed up immediately, it has a simple yet lovely interface and love reading your page. But i also would like to know how are you trying to build business with posterous in the long term? i m very sure very soon posterous WILL beat out the other blog sites and i wish u all the best. Congrats once again.

  3. I can’t wait till Posterous designs burgers! I imagine eating a Posterous burger is like driving an Audi.  But not like driving an Audi through a poor neighborhood because the streets are all poorly designed and have potholes. Here at Posterous, we design our streets w/ the utmost care and attention to customer experience, no potholes cuz Steve hates driving over them in his Benzo

  4. Chipotle has all these things because they are a corporate-run franchise that has orders from the top. They don’t have a collection of family members trying to make ends meat serving the local people good authentic mexican food. These places are what make the Mission the Mission so if you don’t like it, please take your snooty views downtown where they can serve you with a legible corporate smile. You don’t belong here.

  5. My parents ran a family owned indian restaurant for years, trying to make ends meet. And good service was always part of the equation.Not really sure why rudeness and offering a bad experience have to be synonymous with the mission, but sounds like they are.

  6. I just wished I could find some good (New) Mexican food here in NH :-). I miss the days of crying my eyes out at Sadie’s in Albuquerque and the service was good too. I’ve eaten at many family run places that you aren’t met with rudeness and equally ones that you are. I wonder if the Feature, Time and Quality triangle that I’ve seen used to describe Tech projects apply to restaurants (hmmm, rudeness … quality)?

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