I miss being on the inside

For the record, I really, really miss being at Apple. Especially at times like now when the company is buzzing. The iPad was just launched and is changing how we use computers. The new iPhone was leaked and rumors are flying. The stock is at an all time high and Apple’s market cap will overtake Microsoft’s soon.

The whole company is stirring with excitement.

Apple is the greatest place to work. If you ever get the chance, you must take it. It will be the most exciting experience of your life. You won’t often here something like this from a startup founder.

One day, if I find myself looking for a job again, I will go back to Apple in a second. I would *love* to be back on the inside, building the best products in the world, working under the greatest product dictator in the world, someone I aspire to be.

A few weeks ago I decided I was going to have a huge party when Apple’s market cap exceeded Microsoft’s. It’s a huge victory for a lifelong Apple fanboy like myself. I thought I had a couple months before that would happen, but now it looks like it could be soon.

Even I’ll admit that it’s odd to love a company this much. But Apple has made my life what it is today by teaching me how to design, build, and ship products; by making me demand only the best from products, services, and people; by giving me the greatest job a college graduate could have; by letting me move to New York where I met Kate; and by letting me be on the inside to see the company go from near bankruptcy and an $8 stock, to consumer electronics domination and $250. What a ride.

Congrats, Apple. I’ve believed in you since my first computer at age 12, and nothing has changed since.



  1. Sachin,Consider me a Posterous fanboy. I can see the lessons you’ve learned from Apple in the output of this product. You guys are doing great, and something tells me you’re never going to "looking for a job again."

  2. Sachin, Pretty cool to see a picture of you with Jobs. Why taking over MSFT in market cap a big deal? :)BTW, the assumption is that AAPL hits $302 and MSFT stays where it is now to take over. I think there is a good chance.

  3. Dude, in 96 I bet with my uncle that Apple would still be there in 2001. I won at that time, and I’m winning every day again 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing. Your time at Apple is truly reflected in Posterous; it’s an amazing product. Keep up the good work Posterous team!

  5. Sachin – Date yourself. My first computer was a ti-99 4a but was followed with an Apple 2e, then a Mac 128k… I worked for Apple part time in the early 90’s as a sales rep. I have had an Apple in the house since….well since I had a house. In total I have had 10 personal and 5 work pc’s/laptops. 1 atv, 1 time capsule (crashed) and 7 iphone/ipod devices. Not to mention the number of apples I have encouraged others to purchase, no other non-auto company has received as much from me over the years….. I for one am glad you were trained there. Keep it up.

  6. <html><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">I used an Apple 2e in school a bunch, but didn’t get my first computer until 1992, It was a Mac LCII.<div><br></div><div>Now the house is overflowing with apple computers and devices. Pretty crazy.</div><div><br></div><div>I definitely encouraged dozens of people to buy Macs. As time went on, it got easier and easier to do. Now I don’t even have to. How times have changed.</div><div><br></div><div>Which auto company do you promote? BMW or Audi? :)</div><div><br><div><div><div></div></div></div></div></body></html>

  7. Hi Sachin. Never worked for Apple but I am a fanboy too. Really enjoyed this post. Have fun. Thanks for posterous. It’s soooo cool!

  8. That picture of you and Steve is great! My first Mac was an Apple IIc, it looked like a laptop without a monitor and I can still hear the sound of the apple dot matrix printer.Use a MacBook Pro now, owned every version of the iphone, but unfortunately can’t buy an ipad here in Switzerland. Owned a BMW in the past and sold my Audi right before moving from the US and now happily use only public transportation since moving to Switzerland in August. Love Posterous and your experience at Apple is evident in the details of Posterous.

  9. Really enjoyed this post Sachin, thanks very much. Your passion for Apple & enthusiasm for applying what you learned whilst working there really shine through.Keep up the good work!

  10. good guess – BMW, My tangible world brands which say too much about me are Apple, BMW, Delta (although Southwest is moving in) and Starwood. all four have received much love and referrals over the years. 92 was still on the SE/HD and about to go to the Performa 600 (IIVI)

  11. <html><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">I agree on the BMW front. I would add Audi. And you gotta include Amex in there to :)<div><br><div><div></div></div></div></body></html>

  12. AWESOME man! sounds like it was an exciting ride. As a Designer I aspire to work for a company as awesome as Apple one day and I think with lots of hard work and dedication it may pay off! great posts by the way!

  13. How big do you think Apple will get? I have a dear friend that started at Microsoft during the Go-Go years in the early 90s. She felt then the same way you do now. However, she doesn’t feel that way anymore. Back then, the company was 20,000 people. Now it is 100,000.I hope that the powers that be at Apple are smarter than the one’s at M-soft in the 90s. I advised them in the late 90s, and "they thought they understood organizational development, but they just didn’t get it."If you do get back there, I hope it will be like it was. Unfortunately, few things in organizational life are ever that way.

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