Who does Bank of America care about losing more? Posterous, w/ $4.4M, or my personal account of 14 years?


I’m making the move to First Republic Bank right. I’m already impressed by their incredible customer service. This is probably what banking was like 50 years ago, before bofa and wells fargo destroyed the experience.

I’m pretty sure that if I had been banking with First Republic before I bought my house, I would have lost a lot less hair.

Personal service, ATM refunds, a kick ass website, deposit pick up, and someone who will answer the phone when you call. Why wouldn’t you switch?

I opened my Bank of America account 14 years ago, when I turned 16. I thought I would be banking with them forever. But they lost me. So what’s the bigger loss for bofa? I would hope they care more about losing my personal business, but i’m guessing they care only about the money.

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  1. First Republic Bank has found their niche and I am confident they welcome an evangelist like you who can influence others to make the switch too.I have done my banking at Wells Fargo Bank from (remember the branch office on the Stanford campus?) ’75-’79 and ’91-current. The only absence being while I lived in New York and banked with Citibank. One day I may need to do what you have done.

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