Saturday in Napa with Avi and Jenny

We had another great day in Napa. Started out at Cosentino. It’s one of our favorite wineries and we have cases of their wine at home, but we didn’t get the best service this time. I guess we need to call ahead in the future.

Lunch at Mustards was amazing, as always. I had a Mahi Mahi tostada.

Then we went to Goosecross, where we were treated like VIPs. Nancy gave us a private tour of the place, and we hung out with her on the patio for a while, trying all sorts of awesome wines. We loved the 2004 Goosecross Howell Cabernet.

Frog’s Leap had a beautiful garden and nice wines.

Then we headed to Frank Family Vineyards for some bubbly. We started schmoozing with the guy there and he hooked us up. We got to try some unlisted wines, including a $225 bottle. That means a single taste is worth about $15. We loved it (but I really don’t know enough to evaluate it). Kate is great at tasting wine and picking up flavors, which really helps to prove we’re not just tourists.

We ended the day at Solbar for a cocktail and some appetizers. Delicious!












  1. At Goosecross, you’ll always be VIP’s and I’m glad you had a great time. I’ll see to it that Nancy sees this post. I’m sure it will make her day.Cheers!DavidPS – That 2004 Goosecross Howell Mountain Cabernet is one of my favorites as well.

  2. By now, you and Kate could lead wine tours! There’d be no shortage of "takers." Looks like a beautiful day- made even better- by good friends.

  3. I didn’t realise this was a personal blog when I subscribed. I feel a bit invasive, however, I am glad did, I will be sure to try some of those places next time I am out there. I can recommend some of the Socal winery’s! One thing I would love to know is what you are shooting with – the quality of the shots are amazing! If you could share that I will leave you be!! 🙂

  4. Hey Matt. My blog has always been a personal blog for thoughts and photos. It definitely feels a bit strange to continue that now that this site gets so much traffic. But on the other hand, it feels so cold to make this just a professional blog.The camera is a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 24-105 F4 IS lens. Glad you liked them, thanks!

  5. I agree it is nice to have the human element. And seeing a healthy work life balance even when when promoting such an awesome platform. Keep up the great work to you an your team!Thanks for the camera info…..the quality really shows…..going on my birthday list!

  6. Hi Sachin, I have a question. This post both has a gallery of images plus several in-line images. How do you do that (do both in one post)?

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