Omg. I just drove an Ariel Atom. I am still in shock. The car is scary FAST!!!

I left from the Phi Psi house at Stanford, it was pretty hard to find reverse gear. No power steering, glad I went to the gym today.

Took off down Mayfield. Oh shit. This car is dangerous fast. The roads are wet so I’m not too crazy.

Accelerate from start at a few stop signs, smiling ear to ear. At the top of the faculty ghetto I turn around and nearly stall the car. “are you in 3rd gear?” yes I am!

I put the car in first for the trip back and it’s even more RIDICULOUS than the first run.

No doors, no windshield, no parking brake, no airbags, basically no body. Just tubes of steel with a Honda engine.

That’s all it needs. In third gear it would blow you away, and in first gear it was downright scary.

I need to build one of these.


Here’s the Top Gear video of the Ariel Atom.


  1. I what a wonderful car. I presume you saw the Top Gear Test on Youtube? . It must be an amazing fun to drive. Sadly the "we save weight whereever we can" and being in rainy germany, might mean I would have to wear a wetsuite to drive it 😉

  2. We need this here. There are all kind roads which have been errantly wound up, but we could unwind them quickly and efficiently with a fleet of these I think. Are these US road legal?

  3. I saw that Top Gear (best car show ever, BTW) and thought "Lord, that is a gorgeous ride." How’d you resist the urge to drop the pedal down?

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