3 years after release, iPhone still has the best phone screen. People are surprised? It took MS 6 years to match iPod

Apple got themselves a better touchscreen in 2007 than any other company in the world has been able to buy or develop in the succeeding three years. Are you kidding me?

I guess I’m a little bitter about it. I mean, seriously. It’s kind of an indictment of the industry, isn’t it? Years now they’ve had to match it in terms of responsiveness and accuracy, and no one has hit it. This little informal test really draws out the issue. The Droid and Nexus One, flagship phones for the competition, completely fail where a years-old device excels. It boggles the mind!

And this isn’t just a rhetorical question. It’s a serious question that HTC, RIM, and everyone else should be asking themselves, and probably have been. Literally years after a device is introduced, with touchscreen technology advanced (one imagines), higher-resolution screens, and vastly improved processors and other components, no one in the industry has matched that device. The original iPhone, to say nothing of the 3G and 3GS, lets you point more quickly and precisely than phones coming out this week! This is a genuine mystery, my friends.

The iPod came out in 2001. How long would Apple dominate that space? They still do today. Years after the iPod came out, Samsung, Creative, and others still couldn’t match it.

The iPhone 3GS is the same phone that came out almost 3 years ago, with minimal hardware changes. I think this June we’re going to be blown away by the true “next generation” iphone

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