Victory! The person I wanted to fire two months ago has “left” his position. I had no part in that, but I’m happy

A couple months ago I tweeted angrily about wanting to fire someone. Now I can tell the story.

Kate and I purchased a home in November, and escrow was supposed to close on December 11. We were delayed by a couple weeks, almost entirely because of the incompetence of the property manager for the building. This delay caused me tremendous stress, and even some financial loss.

I won’t go into detail on what happened, but some of the stories are ridiculous. It’s infuriating for me to just think about it. My agent, the selling agent, mortgage broker, lender, and escrow agent all mentioned that this person was one of the worst they have dealt with.

During the ordeal, I had no power over this person since I wasn’t an owner in the building yet. But I knew that once I was in, I would do everything in my power to get this person replaced. He would indirectly be working for me (since I’m part of the home owner’s association that employees him) and I have zero tolerance for bad people/services/products.

I was building my case, gathering old emails, digging up all the documentation to show how terrible this person is, and why I don’t trust him at all to manage my building.

But it never got to that point. We got an email this week letting us know that he “left” and has been replaced by another property manager. Given how suddenly it happened, I’m guessing he was fired. The new manager worked in the building where I was renting before, so I know she is professional and responsible.

I don’t know if the old manager was fired or if he really did leave at his own will. But I’m thrilled that he is gone. If he hadn’t left, I was ready to take him out myself. I can’t stand incompetent people, and they definitely shouldn’t be in jobs where other people depend on them.


  1. What goes around, comes around. He got his just desserts. You get what you give. All’s well that ends well. This man is nothing but a walking magnet for bad cliches. The ulitmate insult.

  2. I always love your posts! Now that you’ve cleaned house, can you start on congress and the senate? Let me know when the memo goes out.Cheers,PT

  3. Congratulations on the elimination of a load of stress in what should be a very happy experience- a great home! Loved seeing the house, reminds me of my cousin who lives in a reconverted barn in Brooklyn… completely restored, modern.

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