Photos from Christmas and New Years Eve. Kate and I celebrated the New Year in our new home in Hayes Valley


(Christmas photo credit to Pat Prucnal)

Kate and I bought a house! We were expecting to close on December 11 but things got delayed. Banks have swung from being stupid and lending to everyone, to being stupid and lending to no one. So we had to deal with their diligence bullshit while they confirmed that we are responsible people. There was much more to it, but we’ll leave it at that.

Two weeks late, we closed on our Hayes Valley condo on December 24, 2009. We were already in route to Buffalo when we took ownership, but it was great to know we were homeowners as we celebrated the holidays with Kate’s family. We returned to San Francisco on December 29, just in time to move in and ring in the new year.

Some photos of our new place (with a few shots from the listing since we’re still decorating):


The place is unique. It’s part of a new condo construction, finished in 2008. But our unit is actually a 1908 Stable house. The building was completely gutted and rebuilt, but retains its original facade and windows.


Many thanks to our agent, Virginia Thackwell, who was simply amazing through the whole process. I rarely work with people who are so detail oriented and dependable. If you are looking for a place, contact Virginia!


  1. Your new home looks so open and filled with light….hoping you and Kate every happiness as you turn your "house into a home: :)Can’t wait to see it ( I suppose the Dom Perignon will be all gone by April, huh? tee hee). Nice pic of you guys around the Christmas tree- Christmas weekend was really fun- glad you made the trip back East.

  2. Wow! Your place is incredible! Thanks for sharing those pics. Also, as a realtor myself now, it’s nice to see happy customers saying so in such a public way. Sounds like both yourselves and your realtor were lucky to have found each other. Congrats!

  3. Dear Sachin’s, Thank you so very much for subscribing. This meant a lot to me. Last night I was thinking of quiting all this bloging and then I received your email. Tried to find your email so decided to post a comment instead. Your home is so beautiful may it be blessed always with good health, happiness and an abundance of prosperity.Tks, PT

  4. Congratulations, Beta your place looks beautiful. Very spacious with full of light. I a looking forward to visiting you both. Lots of Love to you and

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