We eat really well in North Beach. Here’s a list of my favorite spots

Before Posterous existed, my blog was mostly photos and reviews. I’m going to shift back in that direction a bit more.

1. Naked Lunch
We end up here once a week or so for some of the best gourmet sandwiches I’ve ever had. Cod sandwich, tuna steak, salmon, they even have a foie gras sandwich but none of us have tried that one yet. Yesterday I had chorizo and egg. Phenomenal. The fried egg had a running yolk that broke and soaked into the top bun perfectly. The sandwiches are fairly small and come with no sides, but it works. You leave satisfied and not heavy/greasy. HIGHLY recommend this place.


2. 15 Romolo
We mostly come here to drink but they have great food as well. This place is hidden up an alley between all the strip clubs in North Beach. I was introduced to it by George Penston of Widgetbox. 15 Romolo makes fantastic drinks and it’s never crowded. Even on a Friday night, in the middle of tourist packed North Beach, you can come here to get a table and some fine drinks. I think this is my favorite bar in San Francisco. Forget about Bourbon and Branch.


3. Giordano Bros.
We love Giordano’s so much, we’re actually on overload and have taken a break from this lunch spot. Giordano’s is based on the Pittsburgh “Primanti Brothers” restaurant. “The secret? Take two thick slices of Italian bread. Top with your choice of grilled Italian meats and melted provolone cheese. Pile on some freshly cut fries, oil and vinegary coleslaw, and then serve on wax paper.”


4. Molinari’s
This is a pretty hardcore Italian Deli. Just grab a roll from the bread bin and hand it to the guy behind the counter. The basic Italian sandwich is awesome, and giant. You just can’t go wrong here.


5. Good Luck Deli
I miss New York. I miss being able to walk into any corner deli and getting an awesome sandwich for $5. But at Good Luck Deli, you get just that. It’s on the edge of Chinatown and owned by a nice Chinese couple, but there’s nothing Chinatown about this place. It’s friendly and clean, and they make great New York deli style sandwiches. What does that mean? A basic turkey and cheese on a roll, piled high with lots of meat, for only $5. Love it.

As you can tell, I’m a sandwich guy. I could eat sandwiches for lunch every day and not get tired of them. Anyone have good sandwich recommendations in San Francisco?


  1. Another good place is Petite Deli on Columbus. The woman who owns it is super nice and makes really cheap and hearty sandwiches.

  2. #1 and #3 look great, will definitely have to check those out. Grab a pastrami sandwich & La Chouffe at The Refuge in San Carlos sometime, it’ll blow your mind…

  3. now this made me really hungry.. and miss the USA even more than usual 🙂 thanks for this post 🙂 i’ll keep that in mind when i get back someday!

  4. Good ones to check out. I’ve been wanting to check out Naked Lunch. I keep seeing it on our way to Zorros. We need to meet up at Romolo again some time soon. It’s been a while.

  5. <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>I’ll meet you there anytime!<br><br><span class="Apple-style-span" style="-webkit-composition-fill-color: rgba(175, 192, 227, 0.231373); -webkit-composition-frame-color: rgba(77, 128, 180, 0.231373); ">Sent from my iPhone</span></div><div><br></div></body></html>

  6. The two best places to eat in North Beach are actually XOX Truffles (754 Columbus Ave, between Filbert & Greenwich) and Tante Marie’s Cooking School (271 Francisco Street). XOX makes the world’s best handmade chocolate truffles and Tante Maries — well, to eat there you have to take a class, but do it and you will be well fed.

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