I’m going to be in Vegas on Thursday for Blog World Expo. Anyone else going to be there?

The timing worked out perfectly: Kate and I booked a trip to Vegas for this upcoming weekend long before I knew BWE even existed. So I just changed my flight to a day earlier and I’m going to attend the conference before Kate arrives in Sin City.

I’ve always loved Vegas. Growing up in LA, I went all the time with my parents. And then I started going just with friends in high school. We would go to shop and gamble and explore the city. Sometimes we’d sit at a blackjack table for 10 hours straight. We loved it.

When I graduated from Stanford, I was considering jobs from Apple and Amazon. When my to-be manager at Apple told me that Final Cut Pro goes to Vegas every year for a conference, I was ready to sign. A month later I was going to my first of six NABs. We had some epic times in Vegas. One year we went for 10 days!


Las Vegas and New York City are very similar, so it makes a lot of sense that I love both so much. It starts with the energy, the 24/7 party atmosphere. Then add good food, drinks, gambling, shows… Both cities never sleep.

I haven’t been to Vegas in over two years since Apple stopped attending NAB, and then I quit to start Posterous. It’s my longest stretch from Sin City. And Kate has never been before. So we’re really looking forward to this weekend.

Any recommendations for the hot new spots in Las Vegas? Like New York, Vegas changes fast. I’m sure the places I loved a few years back have been replaced by even more awesome attractions.

Poll: Will Sachin and Kate get married in Vegas by Elvis? Discuss…


  1. i like that you’re starting the party in this photo. looks like everyone else is hard at work :)can’t wait for vegas!

  2. Sachin – if you get a chance you should make a swing around to the Real Estate portion of Blogword on thursday, we’re all working on some great ways to extend the functionality of Posterous!

  3. Hi, glad to hear that you have something like BWE in the US and you’re attending it (in Vegas!). We have a small group of Posterous followers and a larger group of Mac (you said you’ve been with Apple, for that sake) users here waiting to see what’s gonna happen in BWE (no, not how you guys get drunk). :PAnyway, good luck and have fun. I haven’t been to NYC and LV for some time, wish I can be there soon.

  4. If you’re thinking of an "Elvis Wedding" let me know and I’ll tackle the mailman and get the signed reception contract out of the mail….I love Elvis music and you gotta love the get-ups.Have fun!

  5. Check out the Wynn. It’s pretty nice, especially their Encore tower. There’s a popular night club called XS there. Not worth going in my opinion since the lines are super long (and it’s kinda douchey) but it’s an experience.

  6. The first night I’m there I’m staying at the renaissance just to be close to the convention center (and it was cheap). but once Kate gets into town, we’re staying at the Wynn.

  7. See you there. Steve Rubel will be talking about Posterous I believe in his talk. Look me up would love to say hello!

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