Corinne and Justin’s wedding, Huntington Beach, 9/12/09

This has been a wonderful summer. Kate and I were lucky to witness 5 pairs of our friends dedicate their lives to each other. I love weddings. I love that they bring friends together, across long distances. I love the beauty and love in the ceremonies. And mostly I love the joy and happiness I see in all my friends.
This past weekend Kate and I were in Huntington Beach for Justin and Corinne’s wedding. I met Corinne our senior year at Stanford. We were on staff at Bob House. It was an epic year that led to many new, lifelong friendships, and already two marriages. Many that I call my closest friends today, I met for the first time in Bob House. It was amazing.
Corinne and Justin have a unique story. Unlike the four other weddings we attended this year, they did not meet in college. They were distanced by thousands of miles for most of their lives, but on their first date, they knew they would get married. They found each other, just like Kate and I found each other in New York.
Thanks to Roy, who was in charge of my camera and took most of these pictures (more coming soon).











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  2. hi ,Corine and good to know that you and a rare person who still believe in the perfect marriage and that good, because who has a dream to live not live.

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