iTunes 9 Home Sharing allows you to copy music within iTunes between your various authorized computers

This is a killer feature I’ve wanted for a while. I have my laptop, which is my primary computer. I have my desktop, for photography, video, serious stuff. And I have a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV, with all my media. Transferring content between these machines was a pain, until now.
Simply login with your iTunes account on your various machines (you probably already have), and you can now see and stream the music from other machines, AND COPY the music just by dragging it over. This is all inside iTunes, super simple.
This also means I can authorize my account on Kate’s computer and we can share music easily. And even iPhone apps. And in theory, I could temporarily authorize any friend on my wifi network and share music with them.  


This is just one of many new features in iTunes 9. Some of the other cool features are iTunes LP, app organization, and a totally new UI for the store. Overall today’s announcements were a bit of a letdown. The new Nano is sweet, but the iPod Touch really needed a camera…


  1. now if they would just make an iPhone app that would allow you to stream your library from home. that would be a Simplify Media killer (which is what I use currently).

  2. I have several Macs (even a few iMac G3’s) scattererd around my house and I’m still trying to figure this feature out. I hope it doesn’t freak that all my home folders are the same name.

  3. Normally I skip the iTunes upgrades until I just have to do it because something no longer works unless I upgrade, but this new feature would work great for my needs.

  4. Does anyone find the import feature very slow? Am moving some files music from on computer to another and it is just crawling. I had one laoptop on the netwrok via wifi, took it to an ethernet connection, but no improvement.

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