The Bay Bridge project is a true modern engineering feat. Thanks to the Cal Trans workers for all their hard work this weekend and always

The Bay Bridge was closed this past weekend as workers replaced a 100 yard section of the bridge, sliding the old segment out of the way and moving in an entirely new piece. It’s hard to believe such a job on a *bridge* can be accomplished in just a few days.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), they discovered a cracked steel link, unrelated to the weekend repairs, that is forcing the bridge to stay closed for an extra day. This will definitely wreak havoc for commuters tomorrow. Public transportation is the way to go.

Many thanks to Caltrans for working so hard this weekend and completing the incredible task at hand. We truly live an amazing time. Sometimes we’re so engrossed in our virtual web 2.0 world, that we forget about the real engineers out there who make our world actually run.

You can find more info about the Bay Bridge retrofit at:

It’s going to be beautiful once completed.

The original construction:


  1. This is a good example of "reality" and web2.0 meeting as I had no idea I was interested in bridges until I saw your video. Fascinating stuff.

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by bridges and other large civil engineering projects. The pacific coast highway, hoover dam, sky scrapers, amazing stuff

  3. Excellent design and engineering. I wonder how wide is the bridge and of course how long. I know its India. Hope you can provide project details like years of completion, how many civil engineers involve and how much is the funding.

  4. I do not know if this bridge was feature in the technology TV series in UK where most of the Bridges in China was featured. This design deserves international exposure. I believed those engineers have a good time now for a big achievement.

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