– ingredient based recipe search engine tells you what to cook based on what ingredients you have is a really smart way to find recipes based on ingredients you have in your kitchen. There are so many recipe sites out there, but this one is really, really smart. I can imagine myself (and Kate!) using it all the time. 


There seem to be two ways to get started at
1. Go to their homepage,, and search by the ingredients that you have. For example, “chicken + onions + chocolate”


2. Go to and search for a basic dish, like “chicken”


Once you have selected a dish, you are presented with a list of all the ingredients used in all the chicken recipes on the site, ranked by how frequently they appear:


Chicken only appears in 44.4% of recipes for chicken? Odd.
Anyway, at this point you check the items that you have. You don’t have to go through the whole list, but you should do the top bunch since they are the most common.
You are then presented with a list of recipes! You can easily see what ingredients are needed in each one. Bold items you said you already have, +items are ones you need. You can click to say you do or don’t have something, and narrow things down to the recipe you’re going to cook!


The site is still in beta, and needs a lot of design work and overall polish. But it’s very smart, very fast, and solves a real problem that I have everyday. Now that’s a recipe for a successful startup!


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