Very exciting day! Released our first iPhone app, PicPosterous. Makes it easier than ever to post photos online

PicPosterous was my pet project. I really wanted to do some iPhone development and build a better way to publish photos. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the the workflow of posting photos via email. Yeah, that’s what Posterous is all about, but I felt it needed to be better.

So just as Posterous came about to fill our personal need for better web publishing, PicPosterous was built to solve my own publishing frustrations.

  • Why is my Camera app separate from the app I use to post online (Mail)? 
  • I just want all the photos I take to get posted, automatically 
  • I want to build sets of photos as I take them, not at the end 
  • Basically, I want to remove the explicit “Ok, now I need to post these” 

I designed PicPosterous to replace the Camera app on my iPhone. PicPosterous is my camera in the cloud, it’s connected, it breaks down the separation of shooting photos and posting photos. If I could delete Camera from my phone, I would.
I’ve been using the app for a couple months now while it was still under development. When the first Posterous prototype was built, the number of photos on my blog went up 10x. Similarly, I’m now posting more photos thanks to PicPosterous.

You can see my photo site here:

I used the app a ton on my last trip to New York. I created an album for each restaurant/bar/attraction I went to and posted the photos as I took them. By the end of the weekend, my photos were already organized and published online:
Developing for the iPhone was a really great experience. The SDK and development tools are phenomenal. I prefer desktop and mobile development over web stuff. There were some really interesting details to tackle with iPhone development:

  • The iPhone is very resource limited. It’s slow and has little memory 
  • I threaded *everything*. The app basically never blocks 
  • Uploads queue and resume if you quit the app and relaunch (or get a phone call) 
  • PicPosterous was designed to let you shoot as fast as possible, and let everything else happen in the background
  • You can even take photos and video with no internet. They will queue for upload later
  • The app is fast, smooth, and stable

If you haven’t already, please download it here.
Many thanks to Kate for designing the awesome icon!



  1. I really like the look and feel of this app Sachin, but i have some things and ideas on my mind i want to share:- pictures taken with PicPosterous are not saved in the iPhone picture folder (or linked there) so you I cannot sync them with iPhoto if i want to, right? All i can do is upload them to posterous. I have some i want to upload elsewhere. – i wish the Cam feature inside PicPosterous would have a full screen shutter (tap anywhere to snap a pic), so i could delete some other cam apps- i can only add one picture at a time to an album, right? When i start a new album and upload it, my readers get notified only seeing this one picture, and no text along with it. When i add new pics, no one will notice it because afaik there is no new notification?! – adding new pics to albums is great, but i cannot delete pics from an album- adding to sets/albums already on posterous is not possible i think – sending pics to specific destinations would be great (on/off switches for all my destinations when uploading) not only all or nothing. I can do that by email but not from the app. – when i heard you are working on an iPhone app i hoped for a better reading experience on the iPhone. Posterous is not only about publishing but also about reading my subscriptions – at least for me that is. There is no iPhone optimized layout to read posterous blogs, or is there? Probably you have that on your long list already. Just wanted to mention this cause you said "… There’s no reason to build an app just for the sake of having an app." I think there are indeed a couple ‘ reasons. Don’t get me wrong, i am not demanding anything, i just want to share my feature wishlist and ideas 🙂 I DO like this app, it just leaves some things open for me.regards and thanks alot.

  2. great feedback!1. pics taken in picposterous ARE saved in the photo library2. With iPhone 3.0, we are unable to (legally) do a tap anywhere shutter. It’s allowed in 3.1, so we’ll add it3. Sure, but the idea here is if people see your site in the reader, rss feed, daily email, they will see everything at that point. If you dont want to update twitter right away, then dont until you are done4. You can’t do that on the web either :). i’ll be adding this.5. more autopost control makes senseAs for reading, you don’t need an app for reading. But you do need an iphone optimized site that looks good in safari. and that’s what we’ll be doing soon

  3. thank you Sachin, the last thing is what i was hoping to hear 😉 but as for 1.) do they appear in the library only when you uploaded them? i took a shot without uploading, and it’s not in the lib.

  4. I have a problem with the App…I shot 2 pics yesterday, and then deleted the Album again, because I didn´t know to which of my Posterous Sites the Pics will be added.I have one Posterous for personal Pics/Vids and one for Blogging (the rest), which is my Default one.There is no option to which of my Posterous Sites it get´s posted!Now after i deleted the Album, there is still the line:"2 photos taken on this phone will be imported to your DEFAULT Posterous site"!

  5. Dieter, just log in to your account. Once you are logged in, the app will let you choose which site to make new albums on.

  6. Ah! I see! I should have logged in, before I took the pics, so I can decide to which site the Album get´s uploaded!Nevertheless, the 2 pics got uploaded to my default site, even as I have deleted them! (Also deleted them in the photo library).So people really need to login first, before they do anything with the app!Thanks!

  7. love the app but there’s one thing that i would love to see…the ability to add comments to an albumalso would love an iPhone optimized posterous site!

  8. A Most Excellent App. I love it! Thanks Sachin!! A couple steps to publishing made even easier!! I checked Everyday for this App for a Week and a half –now it’s here. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks! I really love that it makes updating pic and video posts a Snap!

  9. <html><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">You do have to click "use" for it to get added to the library. again, that’s an iphone sdk limitation. i don’t get the image until you click "use" but this changes in 3.1<br><div><div></div></div></body></html>

  10. Love the idea but all pics were on their sides, when I took them upright – and suggestions for changing them?

  11. <html><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">Hey Joan,<div><br></div><div>They will auto orient themselves on the site. We’re just a bit backed up now so it’s taking longer than normal. Thanks for using the app!<br><div><div></div></div></div></body></html>

  12. I though the posterous App will be more competing like Tumblr App, but it is a plain image uploader App, Hoping more.

  13. I love the new PicPosterous icon. It’s light and airy and conveys the feeling of a "camera in the cloud". That Kate must be a very clever girl.

  14. I’d like to see an app that allows other kinds of uploads too, especially audio. I’d like to see an app that makes it possible to put audio and photos in the same post from the iPhone.

  15. Way to go, Sachin!! Sounds brilliant and easy to use ….hope it’s wildly successful:)Great logo, Kate..good teamwork: design and cutting-edge product ( and besides, you’re just too darn cute together!)

  16. This is a great idea! I have wanted to build something very similar for myself for some time. There are a few kinks here and there, a few too many button presses for my taste but this is almost as good as it could be given the SDK limitations.Thanks, now I don’t have to manually email the photos I take 🙂

  17. A great App – congratulations! And a lovely icon too.I have a feature I’d like to see in future updates – the ability to sign in to different accounts and then just toggle between them to choose where to post. I have different Posterous accounts (so they can autopost to different Twitter accounts) and at the moment I’d have to log out of one and into the other to do this.I also like the audio-posting idea above, but I’d be quite happy if AudioBoo just added Posterous support to enable this.Keep up the great work!

  18. Great app indeed, but would be great for the next release to add pics description also and not only a title.

  19. Re my comment above – AudioBoo already has Posterous support. Silly me. Anyway, that takes care of the audio posting from my iPhone for me.

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