1. They are fund and simple! Like a great UI 🙂 <br/>&nbsp;<br/>Would love to hear what you think, once you get a chance to try them

  2. May i Suggest you some very fair advice…Please could you file your comments with at least a systematic standard the legal warning just very below or next to each pictures presenting the product brand (alcohol &/or Tobacco). Alcohol abuse Is still not clearly understood for all publics as a potential lead to real addiction and dependance. (if we can consider its regular consumption and quantity) This advice is valid too regarding tobacco products. Please do not be offended, but it is matter of respect for your quite very large audience.thank you.

  3. Nice to meet another malt fan. I live in the heart of malt country and can therefore claim some authority on the subject.If you haven’t already I suggest you hunt out and try:ClynelishMacallanDalmoreThey’re all fantastic.I didn’t include Glen Morangie, even though I can see the distillery from my house, because I love it but everybody’s heard of it already.

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