Are developers switching to Safari? It’s about time. I never liked Firefox, it feels way too PC for me.

There was a bit of Safari vs Firefox chatter on Twitter today, and then Garry said he was officially switching away from Firefox Firebug to Safari Web Inspector (web developer tools).

I wonder if this is the start of a large movement to Safari. For the record, *I have never been a Firefox user*. I simply never liked it. It seemed like some geek obsession, it never felt Mac like, slick, or beautiful. It felt like a Windows application running in OS X.

Even in the days of IE for Mac, I used Camino (Mozilla based, but slicker). When Safari 1.0 came out, I never looked back. The integration with all of Apple’s products can’t be beat.

It’s also interesting to see Apple actually care about its developers. It’s definitely not something that was high priority in the past. But now, you very rarely see a web 2.0 developer *not* on Mac. So awesome.


  1. no daily updated WebKit releases ? a friend of mine has "convinced" me to use it … but I do no web-development 😀 (he, on the other hand, does it and enjoys)

  2. there is only one thing keeping me from using Safari exclusively, and that’s: not being able to download files to different folders. You can only download to one specified folder. if you want to change where you downloaded, you have to move the file. Or am I missing something?

  3. So what do you mainly like about Firefox as a user [not as a developer]? For example, I like the richness of extensions of Firefox and that keeps me bringing back to Firefox.

  4. Firefox is still in play because of two things: Firebug and Plugins. I gotta have AdBlockers, Flashblockers, PDF control, etc.

  5. Let me ask you something. I’ve been tinkering with firefox and greasemonkey and I’ve been getting some good results and now I’m starting to do things where I need a bit more control over the client/server interaction. Greasemonkey is pretty much all client side. So how much of the client/server interaction does safari expose to the user? How much hassle would it be to tell safari to block certain GET requests? How much more hassle would it be to tell safari to modify certain GET responses on the fly? I appreciate whatever feedback you can provide.

  6. Safari has been my browser of choice for years as well. I use Firefox mainly for web development and this is really because of Firebug. But yes, now that the Web Inspector in Safari gets more robust with each new version and the new Firebug seems buggy in Firefox 3.5, I may just consider trying to use Safari for web development work too. I totally agree with Sachin that Firefox always felt like a Windows app cloaked in Mac sheep’s clothing. It still acts weird when you try to maximize a window. Plus I fear the multiple tab sucking all your resources issue in Firefox.The one thing I’m worried about with developing in Safari is that text and images look so much better in it (especially text). So I might fall prey of designing everything and it looking great and then be just as disappointed as I am when opening a page in IE via VMWare Fusion when I check it in Firefox.

  7. Both! Why choose? Firebug rocks; OTOH, if you are writing webkit apps, Safari is the better choice to preview your pages.I do wish Safari would let me decide where the #%$@ refresh button goes, though. *grumble*

  8. <html><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">Linda, just right click on the link/file, select "Download file as" and then pick a location<br><div><div></div></div></body></html>

  9. I understand that Firefox has a bunch of extensions, and that can be useful for some people. But there’s only one extension I need, an ad blocker, and it exists for Safari. So I’m happy.The wide array of extensions in Firefox will appeal to the super techy audience, but isn’t important to most people. it’s like back in the day when people said "windows has more software" but really, OS X just has what i want.

  10. I generally prefer mac apps, but I think I still keep going back to firefox as a primary browser because of adblock and mouse gestures. What adblocker to you use for safari? I really like how safari launches so quickly.

  11. Thanks, Sachin. I will check it out. I think folks would benefit from learning about more apps you use/like.

  12. Prasant, thanks for the note. In the past, my blog tended to be two things: rants/praise for products and companies. And photos.A friend of mine was just saying yesterday that it’s been a while since ive reviewed/ranted on something. I think I will get on that soon! 🙂

  13. Sounds good. I just tried the Safari Adblock plugin you suggested. Works great! I think I will give it a try for a while.

  14. First off, other then speed Firefox beats Safari is every way. Safari is better then IE, but it doesn’t compare to Firefox. And when you use Firebug in Firefox it becomes a web designers/developers dream.

  15. Mathew, Garry seems to indicate developers are moving away from Firebus and to Safari’s dev tools.In what ways do you think firefox is better than safari?

  16. Well, the add-ons for one. Firefox uses less RAM then Safari (yes I have tested them out side by side). Firebug seems to me to be the same as the Safari Dev tools for the most part. And then it is just the little things like being about to have the tabs I had open when I closed firefox open when I open firefox. Yes, I know you can get that in safari with an addon, but that should be a standard feature.<br> <br>But, for the most it really does boil down to addons. I honestly think that Chrome is the best browser out there (although I have to settle for an Alpha with OS X for now) but until it supports addons Firefox will be number one for me.

  17. i guess i’ve just always believed in products being great out of the box. most people aren’t going to sit around customizing stuff and installing add ons to get a product they love.Most people buy a mac, and launch Mail, safari, ilife, iwork, and don’t install anything. and they are using the best apps in the world.safari does reopen tabs, no add on neededI guess I just haven’t found any add ons that are compelling to me. there are some random "ok i guess that’s cool" but nothing really special.

  18. Safari does not reopen tabs. I've tested it out in numerous ways and it doesn't do so. But, if you can prove me wrong I will gladly eat my words. Personally I don't use any of the Apple's software except for iTunes. I use Gmail for my mail, Microsoft Office for all that stuff, Lightroom instead of Aperture. I only use Safari when I need to do something on the web really quick.<br> <br>I'm also a big customization person. And I would disagree that most people aren't that way. If your point is true then why are add-ons so popular? Why do people use plugins? Why do people use software to change icons, the look of an OS, etc. <br> <br>The problem people aren't informed. If I went and show a group of people all the things they could do in OS X or even Windows to change things around or to make their lives easier I bet that  70% of them would be all for it.<br> <br>As for add-ons that use everyday:<br><br>Shareaholic, Taboo, NewTabHomepage, URLbarExt, Xmarks, Glue and Personas. <br><br>Now, I'm not saying that your POV is wrong, I just wanted to explain mine more. I don't expect to change your mind. And as long as you are happy that is all that matters.

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