Two iPhone tips: use the compass in Maps (3GS) and select ranges in Stocks (3.0)

I’m not sure how much these “features” have been advertised, but I ran into them quite accidentally. I think it’s quite cool to find features by accident, because it means the UI was “hidden” in the right place.
1. In the maps app, you can click the button in the very bottom left to locate yourself. Once you are found, touch it again. The app will use the compass in the 3GS to orient the map in the right direction.


2. The stocks app is much improved. There is the basic list view which is unchanged:


Turn the phone sideways and the chart becomes full screen using a sweet animation:


And now the cool part: put your two thumbs anywhere on the chart. The chart will highlight just the range between your fingers and show you the change in value of this stock during that time. (I couldn’t get a screenshot of that since my thumbs were occupied 🙂 ).


  1. Would be totally cool of the labels for streets, etc.. would also flip to orient themselves for readability!

  2. Yup i use the compass all the time…im waitin on some cool apps/games to be made using the compass functionality…

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