Newcastle house reunion @ Bob and Felicia’s wedding

Right after college a large group of us lived together in various houses we rented in the peninsula. At one point we lived in a house we called “Newcastle.” It was an 8,000 square foot mansion built about 100 years ago. It had its own vineyard, a balcony with an amazing view, servants quarters (Eric’s room), two kitchens, more space than we knew what to do with.

 The top floor was the most amazing party venue ever. It was a single giant room (finished attic) with a pool table, ping pong table, darts, our crazy TV/game system, and a poker table with chairs. We also fitted the room with DJ lights, a mirror ball, and a fog machine, all controlled from a single console in one corner of the room. Andrew and I had a blast wiring all that up. The entire electrical system for the lights plugged into a single outlet in my room, the only grounded outlet in the house.

 Really fun times, amazing parties, and great friends. After I moved out, others moved in, and occupants changed for a few years before Newcastle was retired, and eventually torn down. Living there was one of the best experiences of my life.

 Bob and Felicia’s wedding might have been the first time we had nearly all the Newcastle occupants together in one place.


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