At BMW mountain view with aki. He’s buying a SWEET BMW 335i. Auto perfection

I love hangout out at the BMW dealership (really). So many great cars out right now. 335i, 135i, M coupe…

Aki picked up a fully loaded, dark blue 335i, manual, coupe. The perfect car. Sweet iPod integration, bluetooth built in, everything. It’s the next generation of my car.


BMW service is… walking into the dealership, asking them to wash my car… and having a sparkling ride 10 minutes later. *results not typical


  1. My bro loves his Beamer! His wife loves it too; so now he drives the family ’94 Range Rover and she takes the Beamer to work. Oh well, go figure, a woman wants what a woman wants. 🙂 Those cars–Beamers– look lovely, but I’ve never even ridden in one let alone drive one. Maybe I’m safer that way 🙂 Infatuation can be a dangerous thing. LOL 🙂

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