La Provence offers great french food in the mission, lacks ambiance

We went to dinner at La Provence on Sunday with Kate’s parents, to celebrate our birthdays. We’d heard and read good things about La Provence, so our hopes were high. Walking in we were a bit shocked by how casual the place was. I guess it’s a San Francisco thing, in New York it would have been much fancier.
The restaurant was fairly plain, the service was slow, you don’t come here for the ambience.
The food was perfect. Everything we had was delicious.
What really surprised me was the great wine list. We walked in with our own bottle of wine, a phenomenal bottle of Peju Cabernet Franc we just purchased in Napa. The corkage fee was $20, which seemed high for such a casual spot. However, if you order a second bottle, the fee is waived.
We also ordered a $35 bottle of Syrah that was recommended to us. I think it was the best $35 bottle I’ve ever had at a restaurant.
I’m looking forward to eating here more often. It’s not a fancy place. But if/when we live closer to the restaurant, I can see it becoming a normal weekday dinner destination for us.


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