Every time to go to Whole Foods, I wonder why I ever go to Safeway

Ok, Safeway is definitely cheaper. But Whole Foods is a gorgeous store, clean and well laid out, everything is high quality…

 And look at this specialty beer selection!



  1. does whole food deliver? safeway delivers so i never have to leave my apartment except for midterms and finals. and hot dates.

  2. Trader Joes is a nice in between. More interesting selection but not as expensive as Whole Foods. Check out Market Hall next time you’re in Rockridge.

  3. the problem with trader joes is the selection is too limited. They have a few things I know I like, but then i’ll definitely have to make another trip to either Safeway or Whole Foods. What a pain.

  4. I love Berkeley Bowl’s beer selection, and I’ve found their produce to be both fresher and cheaper than Whole Foods on average. You’d have to live near Oakland/Berkeley though. 🙂

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