Mac vs PC commercial I’m A Megan “Elimination”

Watching the new Microsoft commercials DRIVES ME NUTS. Someone looking to edit video *didn’t* buy a Mac with Final Cut Pro? Are you kidding me?

It’s actually really cool seeing Apple make fun of the Microsoft ads. I’m amazed at how quick the turnaround was here.


  1. LOL. I totally agree. The microsoft ads are not working. The final cut pro girl looks like she left the store with a tank. I think most resistance to macs comes from the fervent (cultish) loyalty people see coming from mac owners but once you own one you understand. It is so nice to plug something in and it works. No re-booting and it’s amazing the tiny things apple has thought of to make the mac experience better that we take for granted but don’t exist on a pc.~M

  2. I love these ads. Even tho Microsoft is snapping back, mac commercials are always so much clever and simple as usual! Love it!

  3. My wife and I always tape "Lost" because we’re not home when it’s on. When we forward through the commercials and I see one of these, I always have to back it up and watch them. Saw this one last night and loved it.It was actually these commercials that made me covert (in heart, I still can’t afford Mac). I realized that I kept laughing at these because they were true, and that didn’t sit well.

  4. Totally agree. I actually didn’t mind the first few that touted the value of a low cost laptop. But that last one just seemed totally unbelievable. Only 2GB of RAM? Shoot, you can get 4GB of RAM for a MacBook Pro from for $68.

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