So many Twitter apps available for the iPhone, which one is the best?

I’ve been playing around with all the different iPhone Twitter applications out there. Lots of really great ones, and each takes a different approach to how they bring Twitter to you. I’m sure each serves a different market quite well. Am I missing any good ones?

 Which Twitter app do you use and why? And if your favorite Twitter app doesn’t support Posterous yet, let them know they should. 🙂



  1. I use tweetie. I really like this iPhone and desktop version. Just wish the iPhone version supported Posterous too.

  2. Birdhouse. Since it’s focused on writing, it may even be the most suitable one for Posterous integration beyond media uploads.I’m (SimplyTweet) contemplating some additional integration with Posterous for writing beyond what is coming in v1.5, but I don’t intend to (and really can’t without changing focus) match Birdhouse at writing.

  3. My vote’s for TwitterFon, much faster than Twitterific and Twinkle. Haven’t used Tweetie, but I know people who’ve used it and switched back to TwitterFon…

  4. TwitterFon & Tweetie. The only beef I have with tweetie is reloading all tweets every time I load.

  5. Tweetie… for a few reasons … interface is clean and nice, it supports multiple twitter accounts, and it lets you save searches…

  6. I use Twittelator Pro: groups, trends, easy navigation, search, pic posting (although I just use Posterous for that)

  7. IMO Tweetie is the clear winner. Just have a look at what some of the top Twitter users like @stephenfry and @aplusk are using. With Tweetie you can see all replies easily, and do pretty much everything on Twitter from the one app.

  8. Disclaimer: I am the developer for SimplyTweet.Michael, I think Tweetie is great and it’s probably the one that is the most true to Apple UI (which is an excellent thing, of course).I don’t agree that it is the clear winner. It is the most popular iPhone client because it is good and most importantly *it has lots and lots of momentum*. The reason why most top Twitter users are using it is often because of the latter. Ask anyone what is the iPhone Twitter client they know about and they will say Tweetie (if they know of any), even if they don’t have a Twitter account or or an iPhone.There are clients which much more full featured (Twittelator Pro comes to mind), or clients which have some very nice features (which are not necessarily full featured, SimplyTweet comes to mind) which are often overlooked.SimplyTweet for example, sports conversation threading (no, you don’t need to click through "in reply to" many times and yes, you can automatically see replies to a tweet which you have selected. Slow down and think about what that means), but how many of you who is reading this have heard about it or tried it out?Saved views (groups)? checked. Saved Search? checked. Multiple accounts? checked. Posterous integration? checked (pending approval) Replying to multiple people? checked (pending approval). See the video – hope this doesn’t come as a rant, but here I am (and I think many other developers are) working on great products either now or improving all the time. I for one feels that the battle for the best client is not over yet and will never be over for some time.Of course if you define clear winner as the one which sells the most, I agree whole heartedly 🙂

  9. I use twitteriffic for all of my twitter needs. I’ll admit it had a rough start, but the developer updates the app constantly with new feature after new feature. Best of all, its a really intuitive interface (easy to learn/understand). So while when it first came out it was pretty basic and didn’t have much to it, now it is a full featured twitter app that supports multiple accounts, saved views (really cool), and the dev said the next version will have replying to multiple people. I should also add I have tried most of the other twitter apps on the app store. I still prefer twitteriffic. If you haven’t given it a try, I suggest you get it. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  10. @woodjosiahyikes. I couldn’t have screwed that comment up any more. I didn’t mean twitterific. I meant SimplyTweet!SimplyTweet, SimplyTweet, SimplyTweet!If there is an admin or moderator looking over these comments, could you fix that my comment to say SimplyTweet instead?

  11. I’m with the new Twitterrific 2.0 and Tweetie. If I could just combine the two it would make the perfect Twitter app.

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