1. Also, have you tried converting the Mini to a media center? I’m thinking of doing that myself. Would appreciate any tips/suggestions.

  2. Nice Sachin. Mac Minis are a great buy whether you hack/upgrade it or not. Im glade I upgraded mine. Helped out a lot.

  3. bluray drive would be cool if it could play movies, but i think there’s no software for that? I have a PS3 for that anyway.I put my Mac Mini next to my G4 cube, the two best desktops apple ever made. I wish my G4 cube still worked. (post on that guy later)

  4. whoa thats cool. looks like there are coax inputs built in too, so you can use it as a tv tuner/DVRbut i would never want to actually cut or physically modify my cube. it’s a work of art (literally in several museums). I’ll put it in my own apple museum one day 🙂

  5. I modded a dead g4 cube with a via mobo, to turn it into a file server. Very cool but required a lot of cutting and electrical tape ;)It was pretty cool, but even with the fanless mobo and the laptop psu, it was far from silent.

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