Ok I’ll admit it, the new Britney Spears album is really good

Unusual You by Britney Spears

I bought the new Britney album for Kate a few months ago and have since listened to it many times in the car. I’ve never really hidden the fact that I enjoy listening to Britney Spears; I even own Britney’s Dance Beat for my Playstation.
In particular, i really like the song “Unusual You.” It sounds a lot more like Shirley Manson and Garbage than it does like typical Britney.


  1. I KNEW YOU WOULD FINALLY CAVE. ha!! also, who told you to get that game for your playstation??? hm?????

  2. right on! I’m not sure if the new album is better than her last, but it’s still pretty good. I like the if you seek amy song.

  3. Jesus, you think you know a guy. Do you have a britney spears game, too?! I’m not sure we can be friends anymore 😦

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