The giant Starbucks in Astor Place is closing. In my old New York neighborhood

I lived in New York for the best years that city ever had. The economy was booming and there was more life and activity in New York than anywhere else in the world. I totally lived it up, ate everywhere, drank everywhere, saw everything. I never passed on a chance to experience any corner of that town.
As soon as I left, it started falling apart. The economy collapsed, and given New York is the financial center of the country, it was hit harder than anyplace else. I’m really glad I don’t have to be there to see all this happening around me. I have such great memories of New York, and that’s how I’ll always remember it.
I lived just a few blocks from this Starbucks, gave them a ton of my money, spent many hours coding there. It probably appears in over 100 photos I’ve taken. Here is one of my favorites.



  1. I grew up in Flushing and loved it! It’s always interesting to visit and see what has and hasn’t changed. These have been a tough 8 years for the city though…

  2. Lived at Union Square for a good couple years, and Astor was just a short walk away (quick subway ride if it was pouring!)… I also spent a good number of hours in that Starbucks. Loved it. Now I can’t believe it’s closing… it’s not necessarily the whole "Starbucks at Astor Place" I’ll miss — rather, it’s the memories I have of being there, meeting people there, sitting and reading, standing and waiting for someone inside while it was raining outside…

  3. It is sad to see any store close down, but to be honest until I moved to Europe I had no idea how terrible Starbucks coffee is.

  4. even if Starbucks is some huge faceless corporation, this is still bad news for you. I live two blocks from a Starbucks – if it closed, my daughter and I would lose our morning hangout spot – lots of memories

  5. hi I never been to New York infact I never been to America because I’m really scared of that country but still them photoes are just mind blowingthanks for sharing your favourite picture.

  6. I had an office close by – 32 Cooper Square. Before the Stbcks opened I lived at 60 E. 8th St., mere steps away. Patti Smith refers to NY’s "empty prosperity" and she might be right…

  7. There was a story in the SF Biz Times recently about two Starbucks across the street from each other in downtown San Francisco closing…

  8. Well you just need to move back there quickly, maybe the economy will pick back up. You stop spending money in Starbucks and it’s closing one of it’s best places.

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