It’s a beautiful day in San Francisco

Spent the day our in the city yesterday. The weather was perfect and we took advantage of it.
First, the cable car ride from Powell St to Fisherman’s Wharf. It was my first time taking it and it was awesome! I shot HD 1080p video of the entire ride (8GB!). I’m going to speed it up and post it soon. Please click on images to see the larger versions.


Alcatraz in the fog.


Kate’s friends Sean and Devon.


Some more amazing views. Such a perfect day, sunny, but with just enough fog for some cool dramatic photos.


Then we took one of the ghetto boat rides that went around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge. BYOB. GTOB.


Coit Tower:


The boat ride was too rough and too wet to get any good shots. Here are a couple iPhone pics though:



  1. Great pics! Hey, what app do you use to e-mail more than one picture from your iPhone? I’ve really wanted to do that lately.

  2. These photos weren’t from the iphone. I downloaded them from my SLR and posted them using Mail.appI wouldn’t really recommend any of the multi photo email apps for the iphone, they sorta all suck. iPhone 3.0 lets you email multiple photos so just wait for that

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