I’m listening to Pandora radio on my AppleTV. Why isn’t this built in?

The AppleTV doesn’t support Pandora. But, you can use Airfoil to send any audio signal from your computer to an Airport Express or AppleTV.


One of the new features in iTunes is genius playlists. It works quite well to generate a playlist of similar music. But, it only gives you *your* music. Why doesn’t apple use this same technology to give you songs you don’t own, just like Pandora? They could then have links straight to iTunes to purchase the song or album.


You could do this on the AppleTV too. How cool would that be? Let the AppleTV play a random selection songs based on your mood, even some you don’t own. Then in two clicks you can purchase anything you like.
Is Pandora profitable? If Pandora can survive with this business model, I think Apple would do even better. Super tight integration with Genius/AppleTV/iTunes/iPod could be incredible. Just put recommended songs I don’t own on my iPhone, and then let me buy them with 1 click.
Everyone wants new music, and there are services out there trying to solve this problem… But it won’t be “solved” until Apple does it right and it’s simply built in to the products we already use.


  1. My guess is that Apple is making money hand over fist without giving anything away for free. If you were in that position would you kill the golden goose? I wouldn’t.

  2. I think a good recommendation engine, with single click purchase, could really drive a lot more purchases. I know it would for me. Constantly when I hear a song i like on TV or in a movie, i search for it then buy it. They could do that in one step.

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