At the giants a’s game. The best part about living in soma

You can’t beat a 10 minute walk to a ball game. And $15 tickets! We are so close, I could talk to the third base coach Looking forward to many games this year.


Update: AT&T park has free wifi. And you can watch replays on your iPhone right after they happen on an internal site. Amazing


  1. <div>Surprisingly it was not cold at all! We were bundled ip but</div><div>It wasn’t really needed. Very lucky. Great game<br><br><span class="Apple-style-span" style="-webkit-composition-fill-color: rgba(175, 192, 227, 0.231373); -webkit-composition-frame-color: rgba(77, 128, 180, 0.231373); ">Sent from my iPhone</span></div>

  2. The iPhone instant replay is awesome, especially if you have crappy seats… that’s smart thinking right there.

  3. Wow, are these iPhone pictures? These are great! Do you use any sort of editing app for your pictures?(Just read the interview you guys posted. I continue to LOVE this service and am trying to figure out how to use it more in my blogging life. Thanks for doing what I need — simplifying my internet life!)

  4. Hey Brandon. Yep, these are iPhone pictures straight out of the phone, no processing at all. (that’s generally true for any photos i post, i’m too lazy to edit them)

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