Ten Out of Tenn perform at the Fliggo party, Speakeasy – Austin, SXSW 2009

Austin is known for its music. I was there a few years back for Austin City Limits and had a blast. We didn’t see a ton of live music at SXSW (we were there for the dork interactive portion), but we were lucky to catch Ten Out of Tenn at the Speakeasy. “Ten Out of Tenn” is a compilation of Nashville singer/songwriters. They tour together and share a band, and play backup for each other. Great idea.

Below are Erin McCarley, K.S. Rhoads, and Katie Herzig. These were all shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 70-200 F4 IS. These are all straight from the camera, posted to Vimeo HD, click full screen to view them large.

This is probably the best web video possible today, but wow, it’s nowhere near as sharp as the original files or even Apple movie trailers. You can see the pixelation especially in the third video. Flash video sucks.


  1. They sound good. Katie’s voice reminds me of Kay Hanley, with a little bit of a Gwen Stefani vocal influence.

  2. The full-res QuickTime files can be downloaded from each video’s page on the vimeo site. I’m doing that now, to see the insane level of detail.

  3. I was there! It was fun to meet you guys. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out @andydavis, the guy in the hat on the keyboards, my favorite of the bunch.

  4. Is that audio from the on-camera mic? The sound’s not bad, especially for a live music recording.The video quality is impressive, especially for a camera whose video feature is not its primary selling point. All these surprisingly good and cheap solid-state HD cameras popping out of the woodwork are changing the game. I was on a HD greenscreen shoot Sunday and as an afterthought someone shot behind-the-scenes footage with a Flip Mino HD. It was possible to pull a shockingly good key from the footage shot by that ~$200 super-compressed 720p camera. Some of it may end up in the cut, for a few cutaways.

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