A fun weekend with friends, and LOTS of driving


On Friday I headed down to Apple because it was the last day of work for my old manager Peter Steinauer. I worked with Pete for six years, and he managed my for several of those. Even more impressive: he’s leaving after being at Apple for 17 years in total! I believe Apple was his first job after college. It was very hard for me to leave Apple after 6 years, I can’t imagine how much he will miss the company. But he’s off to work on some other great projects! Good luck, Pete.


Today Kate and I drove down to Boulder Creek to visit Josh and Kazuko. We took the 35 (Skyline Blvd) to the 9, an incredible drive. You see the most amazing cars and motorcycles zipping by on the 9.


Josh has a beautiful house with a million dollar view. He and Paul are building the most hardcore treehouse I’ve ever seen. I was too scared to get in it (it’s not done so there’s nothing to stop you from falling 50 feet).


After some delicious sandwiches and cold beverages, we headed back up to Palo Alto for Eric and PJ’s engagement party/BBQ. We had a lot of fun, eating and drinking a variety of delicious stuff. Congratulations, Eric and PJ!


We drove back home, tired and stuffed. I hadn’t driven my car in weeks, so it was great to put some miles on it!


  1. Sorry.deez took the photos of Chris, and the tortilla chips. he’s a great photographer, even though he doesn’t know how to use a Canon camera

  2. Kate: Any group of photos turns into a gallery. So just send us something like:textphotophotophototextmany photostext

  3. Thanks for that info, Sachin! So it sounds like you’re talking about using "insert photo" rather than attachments, right? To date, I’ve always sent photos by attachment and didn’t realize I could use "insert". Wow! Posterous continues to amaze me.

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