1. @jackie: zink is a new technology that lets this camera do instant photos like the old school Polaroids used to do. Polaroid is struggling now, didn’t get with digital… so they licensed this stuff and have an instant camera again. pretty interestinghttp://www.zink.com/

  2. My father loves it. He brought a little HP printer with him on vacation last November to print out pictures for other people. Now he has his little zink. He hasn’t had this much fun since he dismantled the first digital watch we got him back in ’77.

  3. There’s also probably a business market out there for instant-print photos, just like there was for the old polaroid cameras.For instance, I can imagine UHaul using polaroids to instantly document damage on vehicles before renting them out — UHaul gets a copy, and so does the renter. That way, there’s no question about how the vehicle looked like before.

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