Josh Radin at the Great American Music Hall

Last week Kate and I saw Josh Radin play at the Great American Music Hall. Along with Meiko opening, it was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. They both performed incredible sets, and the venue itself is amazing. Meiko and Josh had a great stage presence, speaking to the audience, and giving a lot of background behind each song they performed. That’s what makes going to see a live show so much better than listening to a CD. 

I know the exact date I first heard Josh Radin. It was February 24, 2004. That’s when an episode of Scrubs aired that features his song, “Winter.” I immediately fell in love with the song and jumped online to buy it. Josh didn’t even have an album out at the time, but the song was available on his site to download. Ever since then I’ve been a big fan, and it was great to finally see him live.

Winter by Joshua Radin


  1. Thanks for the heads-up.I saw some phenomenal shows @ that phenomenal venue when I lived there in SF.What a great room. ( the Pointer Sisters 2Xs, Jerry Jeff Walker & the Lost Gonzo Band , Happy & Artie Traum & others) ,,, love that room.

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