I love the Audi “Identity Theft” commercials

I got really excited when I saw the new Audi commercials during the Oscars yesterday. I loved the bold statement Audi made, directly attacking other car makers. Audi has a great lineup of cars, but they aren’t in most people’s minds. This is what they’re trying to change now.

Why would you buy a boring car that everyone else owns? Be original, buy something unique and interesting. Not only are the Audis more distinctive (I love the LED eyebrows over the lights), they are less common, and way more fun to drive. The commercials attack Lexus as being the common, boring vehicle to own.

Audi previously used the slogan “Never Follow.” I love it.

One comment

  1. Really nice ad. I watched the whole Oscars but I don’t know how I missed this one. And I totally believe in being unique and standing out of the crowd. That’ why I own a FJ Cruiser.

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