Hyundai Genesis commercial edit by Billy Corgan

Major props to Hyundai. So we’re watching the Oscars and these Hyundai commercials come on that are shot on the track, showing the car drifting around. My instant reaction is, “You can’t do that in a Hyundai!” That’s actually not true at all. The Hyundai Genesis seems to be a great car. Front engine, rear wheel drive, 300hp.

Then it gets even better as The Smashing Pumpkins start playing and it say the cut is by Billy Corgan. Awesome! The Smashing Pumpkins are one of my favorite bands ever (saw them live last year, for the 3rd time ever).
Hyundai seems to be doing great things as a car company. They are building high quality cars that compete with vehicles double their price. They had some reliability problems in the past, but they are backing that up with the best warranty in the business. And now if you buy a Hyundai and you lose your job within a year, you can return your car.
There’s no better way to prove your confidence in your own car than through a warranty, a great return policy, and commercials that directly attack the competition and change people’s views of your product. I love it.


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