Yesterday was tax day for me and for Posterous

I had a two hour meeting with our CPA to go over taxes for this year. Our CPA is a badass. He’s young and cool, and the smartest tax guy I’ve ever met. In the past when I’ve had tax questions i’ve asked friends or my dad’s accountants. I have never found anyone who actually knows things like our CPA does.

 It was actually a really fun two hours. I know just enough about taxes that we could very quickly run through various scenarios, test out some options, run some numbers, and make a plan for the future. I just spent an hour relaying to my dad all the stuff I learned, real stuff that will change what I do this year.

 Having a good accountant is pretty crucial once your taxes become complicated. You can always try to keep doing them yourself, but the experience and expertise of a professional will easily pay for itself. A little tax planning a year or two ahead really goes a long way.

 I’m not really sure how he gets any work done with this view:


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