Valentine’s Day dinner


Kate and I had a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner at Oola right around the corner from us here in SOMA. We got the private, curtained off table upstairs and had an amazing feast. I highly recommend this restaurant.


It was a pretty busy week of eating out. We also went to:

Just For You – Amazing brunch
Fringale – Great french food
Andalu – Creative tapas. Similar to The Stanton Social in New York. Love this place.


  1. nice pics. what camera are those from?i used to live a block from the stanton social, but i never went. haha. just got back from nyc, but didn’t discover anything great (barbuto, and knife & fork were so so)last time i was there i went to mercat, which was stellar. very creative tapas

  2. Canon 5d Mark II with Canon 35mm 1.4<div><br></div><div>I love the Stanton Social so much. I miss it a lot. At one point I was going several times a month. Next time you’re in ny, check out:</div><div>Stanton Social</div><div>Tabla</div><div>In Vino</div><div>The Modern</div><div>Little Owl</div><div>Jewel Bako</div>

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