1. I used to work across the street and we would brave the tour every couple of weeks for the free beers at the end (until we were scolded and told to just stop by the bar for a beer rather than screw up the tour). Make sure to take public or have a driver, the lineup consists of about 6 beers including their infamous barley wine.

  2. I’ve seen anchor steam in a few NY bars. It’s not super common, but it exists. I just checked and they have it at freshdirect too.

  3. Having moved to Australia four years ago, I left behind three favourites: Anchor Steam, Long Trail Ale and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

  4. its in san francisco- near or in potrero hill.  its awesome. they only do tours on fridays around noon though… or before noon.

  5. it’s on Carolina Street, between 18th and Mariposa. I live exactly one block from it and we can smell them brewing beer from our apt on some days.

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