FS: (2) OZ Superleggeras. Anthracite. 18×8

I ran over something on the road which destroyed my 2 passenger side tires, and subsequently broke my two wheels (crazy, right?). Since these wheels aren’t made anymore, I was forced to buy 4 new wheels and tires.
So I am left with 2 wheels that came off my 330Ci. They are in near perfect condition, with just a couple of small blemishes on each. These wheels are incredibly high quality, very strong, and extremely light (18 or 19 pounds i think). They look incredible, especially on a black car. I’m actually really sad they don’t make them anymore.
If you already own these wheels, I highly recommend keeping a spare around since they aren’t manufactured anymore. You don’t want to find yourself replacing 4 wheels like i had to do.
Asking $200 each OBO. Located in San Francisco. Willing to ship if no local buyer takes them.
Wheel 1:


wheel 2:


on the car:


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