Dinner at Gary Danko

Last Friday Kate, Sean and I went to Bourbon and Branch (well, The Library) for the birthday party of a friend of a friend of a… well, someone we don’t know. We had some delicious cocktails, and didn’t even find the friend who was my connection. We were getting hungry so Sean had the brilliant idea to try to eat at Gary Danko. On a Friday night with no reservation? No way. He called, we got a spot, and within 2 minutes we were in a cab heading up to Fisherman’s Wharf.
We had an incredible 2 hour+ four course meal with wine, cheese, and port. This was my second time at Gary Danko and I’ll say that it is *by far* the best restaurant i’ve been to in San Francisco. Not only is the food incredible, it has the best service. They are the nicest, *least snobby* staff you will ever find. The sommelier had no problem serving us the cheapest wine on the menu. Our main server, who I think was the manager, really took care of us. He chatted us up the whole night, cracking jokes, and really made the night a ton of fun.
Sorry for the bad pictures…I didn’t have my big camera with me.


Look at the size of that cheese plate! It was for ONE PERSON. He hooked Kate up with a bunch of cheese because he knew Sean and I were going to steal some from her :). We were also given mini pumpkin cake cheesecakes to take home with us. Yum,


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