Napa, January 2009

Kate and I went to Napa a couple weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary. It happened to be the first weekend with great weather since we’ve moved here, so it worked out quite perfectly. Despite the good weather, Napa was deserted (common right after the holidays and in a slumping economy) so we were treated like royalty everywhere we went.
We stayed at the brand new Westin Verasa, a room I got for free using my SPG points (SPG Amex is the best credit card to have). Upon arriving we were upgraded to a deluxe room with a balcony, view, and kitchenette. The hotel has a heated pool, spa, and every amenity you can imagine. I highly recommend it.
With recommendations from our concierge in hand, we set off to taste some wine. The best way to know where to go is to listen to the locals: the concierge, and then the people at the wineries themselves. If you drop a few names, you don’t have to pay tasting fees!
We started out at Cosentino, and then lunch at Mustard’s.


We didn’t really like the wine at Cakebread, but we did get a near private tour of the winery.


Peju was one of our favorites. Great wine, and a beautiful winery/tasting area.



One last stop for the day: Black Stallion. We enjoyed this winery the last time we were in Napa so we had to go back.


That night we had an incredible dinner at Bouchon.


Day 2: Hagafen, Darioush (for the architecture, we heard the wine is bad), and Steltzner.


Baldacci came highly recommended, and they even had a super cool dog.


Last stop was the tiny (and super friendly) vineyard of Goosecross. We bought some delicious port there.



  1. Beautiful photos. Sorry to ask a geek question but how did you get several different slide shows with text between each using Posterous?

  2. We create a slideshow for each set of photos. So when you create your email, do this:<div><br></div><div>text</div><div>photo</div><div>photo</div><div><div>photo</div><div>text</div><div><div>photo</div><div><div>photo</div><div><div>photo</div><div><div>photo</div><div><div>photo</div><div>text</div><div><div>photo</div><div><div>photo</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>each group of photos will be a slideshow</div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>

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