My New Year’s resolutions

2008 was an amazing year. I want to keep it simple this year and just keep the good times rolling.

 1. Keep it simple. Anytime I have 15 minutes of free time, I tend to take on another hobby or project that makes me super busy and stressed. This year, I want to work hard on Posterous and in any free time I can find, i want to relax.

 2. Learn to cook.

 3. Get back into shape. I was in great shape in NYC, but the past few months I’ve been lazy. I just want to get back to where I was a year ago. I miss my trainer.

 4. Explore SF. When I lived in SF 3 years ago, I didn’t take advantage of the city. “Oh i’ll do that later. I’ll be in SF forever.” But when I was in NYC, there was a sense of urgency to see and do everything. And I did see and do everything. I want to do the same in SF.

 5. Go out more. Yes, more. SF is like 5 notches quieter/weaker than NYC. You have to make an effort in this city to go out more often, and I want to make that effort. Go to all the best restaurants in the city, and drink all the best cocktails.

 6. Post photos immediately after taking them. I have this bad habit of posting photos weeks or even months late. Ok, I still have a backlog now, but once I’m through it, I want to post photos within a couple days.

 7. Post more video online. I worked on Final Cut Pro for 6 years, and I have digital cameras that shoot video. You can email a video to Posterous and it posts online in seconds. Why don’t I post more video?

 8. And of course, this is the year of Posterous. Work my ass off, ship a million features, make our customers love us. What a great job.


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