Pano from rockridge bart

Beautiful sf sunset to the left. Mountains to the right.

 On a side note, we stopped at the rockridge trader joes. Not impressed at all. We struggled to find 5 things to buy. Selection is very limited

 What we did find was high quality and reasonably priced (cheese, frozen burritos, pizza dough). But it’s nothing like what you can get at costco. I just don’t get the appeal of joes anymore.


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  1. I like costco too, but the one near me is always packed on the weekends. Whenever I can, I go in the early afternoon on weekdays. (hint: food samples start around two.)

  2. 1. Party snacks. Ginger snaps and chocolate-covered pretzels are my favorites.2. Finlaggan Single Malt. If you like the rougher Islay malts, this is a screaming bargain. And not in a Charles Shaw kind of way, but in a real way.

  3. @napolean: thanks for the tip on the food samples. Do you know if they happen on sundays too?@neilbanman: you are right about those snacks. I used to buy nuts and peanut butter pretzels before.

  4. welcome to the sco!hope you enjoy the beer also.i would agree that brooklyn brewing is a great spot.try speakeasy brewing later this year!

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